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That’s a good question. I wish I had an answer. For sure, you’ll find updates on my books and creativity-related things bumping around in my head. And there will probably be posts about weird and wonderful things, or a least the things I find weird and wonderful — like poisonous books and octopus intelligence. There may also be occasional pictures of cute cats (not mine … yet) and gardens (mine, but it’s all beans).

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Who are you?

Also a good question. I’m a writer of scifi under the pen name Rene Astle and urban fantasy under C. Rene Astle…if you’re here you might already know that. If not, you can find my books on all the major online retailers (or ask your library — I love libraries!) or on my own store.

I’m also a member of Armchair Alien — I’ll let you guess whether I’m Armchair or Alien. And I love the dash over any other form of punctuation, except maybe the interrobang…but there’s less call for the interrobang‽

Why should I join?

Only you can answer that question…okay, maybe I can answer it after I figure out what this newsletter is going to look like.

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Ponderings from author Rene Astle (or her urban fantasy pen name C. Rene Astle)


Rene Astle is the author of the scifi series The Lyra Cycle. Under the super secret pseudonyn C. Rene Astle she also writes the Bloodborne Pathogens dark fantasy series. She's also penned short stories under both names.